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I'm Mike;

I am a training consultant specializing in personal and professional coaching that brings about improved performance and change that lasts.

I bring a strong set of interpersonal skills to my work as a coach from my experience as a teacher, counselor, and training consultant.

I received my coach training from Newfield Network, an International Coach Federation-certified program, and one of the world’s leaders in training coaches.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies: Psychology of Religion, from the University of Ottawa; a Master of Pastoral Studies degree in Counseling, from St. Paul University, Ottawa Ontario: and a Master of Divinity degree from the Toronto School of Theology. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and literature from St. Louis University.

Most of my life I have worked to help others get better results in their lives. From my work, I’ve learned that much of the dissatisfaction and lack of happiness in our lives is due more to the way we make sense of what happens to us than it is to what actually happens.

“How do we make sense of events?”

Making sense of events is something we human beings have to do. When we see a group of dots, we automatically start connecting them. We can’t help it.

We have to come up with an explanation of not only what happened, but also why it happened, and what it says about us, about others, life, the world, the universe, God, and so on. We are unable to move forward until we figure out exactly what events mean to us.

The kinds of explanations we come up with after connecting the dots have an enormous influence on what kind of decisions we make, what actions we take, and how happy or successful we are. If we connect the dots one way, our lives go along pretty well. We feel good about ourselves and others and about life in general.

But if our dot connecting goes another way, then we sometimes have trouble just making it through the day.

”What’s the connection with Effective Communication Coaching?”

Well, how we do the dot connecting determines not only how we feel about ourselves and others, and how well we interact with them, but what kind of lives we live.

If we conclude that we’re not very smart or not worthwhile or unable to change or to grow, then we live that way. We get down on ourselves and on others and feel powerless to take actions that could significantly change our lives.

We keep our boats close to the shore and never venture toward the horizon. We sail up and down the coastline, stuck in our daily routines, unaware that new worlds lie just beyond what we can see.

But if we challenge our conclusions, question our beliefs, and are willing to steer our boats toward the horizon, new worlds and new possibilities come into view. With those new worlds come new opportunities, and maybe new results.

“So why put up a website?”

When a friend suggested I put up a site for my coaching practice, my first reaction was “perhaps in another lifetime.” I told myself I didn’t have the aptitude or skill for it. Better to stay close to the shore rather than go out into the unknown.

Then he referred me to the program that created this site. It said people with no understanding of how the internet operates could learn how to use it to run a successful online practice or business. All they had to do was to tap into two very important resources: their knowledge about a subject and their passion to share it. The software program does all the techie stuff.

Turns out, they were right. The program does what they said it would do, and more. Not only did it take care of all the technical stuff, but more importantly, it helped me identify and design a site that would bring visitors to it every day.

Since turning my boat toward the horizon and putting up my home page, I’ve been regularly adding new pages to this site and attracting new visitors to it daily.

So, if you're passionate about something, want to share it with others, and have been thinking about setting up a site, you might want to check out SiteBuild-It and see if it is what you are looking for. I found it made a lot of sense.

Thanks for dropping by,

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