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Here are several coaching books that contain information and coaching tools that both new and experienced coaches will find useful. Individuals who wish to learn how to create changes in their lives will also profit from reading them.

Hold Me Tight
Sue Johnson

The way to develop and nourish a relationship is to make it safe emotionally. How? By having conversations that go beneath complaints and criticisms and heal our deepest concerns and our need for connection.

The Art of Possibility
Rosamund Stone Zander, Benjamin Zander

Better results in our lives become possible when we give up our assumption that life is basically a struggle to survive in a world of limited resources. Choose to focus instead on discovering ways to contribute to the growth of others and to develop our relationships.

You Are What You Say
Matthew Budd, M.D. and Larry Rothstein, Ed.D.

Our health and overall well being is directly connected to the way we communicate with ourselves. By changing the conversations we have with ourselves and with others, we improve our health as well as our relationships.

Crucial conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

This book and the others by these authors are not strictly coaching books, but they contain information and tools that all coaches can use. This book explains a clear process to follow and valuable communication skills to use when important conversations requiring everyone’s contribution need to take place.

Crucial Confrontations
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

Crucial Conversations explains ways to handle conversations that must take place whenever promises are broken or expectations go unmet while still preserving important relationships at home or in the workplace.

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

The way to get people to change is to focus on a few vital behaviors and use influence strategies to change how they think rather than to change how they behave.

Language and the Pursuit of Happiness
Chalmers Brothers

Our lives are less than what they could be because we are not aware of the assumptions we hold about ourselves, others, and the world. By becoming aware of these assumptions and replacing them with ones that work in our favor, we can bring about lasting change in all areas of our lives.

Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others
James Flarety

This book is one of the early coaching books to emphasize seeing clients as human beings with needs and viewpoints that need to be respected and appreciated. Offers assessment models plus a coaching process designed to help coaches develop practices with clients that lead to lasting change.

Coaching to the Human Soul: Ontological Coaching and Deep Change
Alan Sieler

Deep and lasting change takes place in our lives when we focus on changing the way we look at things instead of focusing solely on changing our behavior.

10 Conversations You Should Have Before You Get Married
Dr. Guy Grenier

Effective communication strategies couples can use to discover the strength of their relationship by discussing important topics too many couples avoid or handle poorly.

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Top of Coaching Books for Coaches and Clients


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