Life Coaching online or offline:
What's the difference?

There are advantages to life coaching online for clients and for coaches.

Life coaching online is coaching that works with clients from a distance instead of coaching face to face.

Clients and coaches work together over the phone, by email, or on the internet.

As communication technology continues to develop, both coaches and clients are increasingly turning to coaching this way because of the advantages it offers them.

Advantages for Clients

Many clients prefer online coaching because it is easier for them to schedule coaching sessions if they do not have to travel to their coach’s office.

They can receive coaching by phone and on Skype, receive documents by email, share questions and insights through blogs, and participate in teleclasses and webinars, all from the comfort of their home or office, or from anywhere else for that matter.

The can also send assignments and other documents to their coach and get a response within minutes.

Life coaching online also makes it easier for clients to find a coach they feel is a good fit for them, even though the coach is hundreds, even thousands of miles away. They can work as easily with a life coach in London or New York as they can with one in their own city. They are not limited to working only with coaches in their local area.

Some clients choose online coaching because they feel more comfortable working with a coach at a distance than they do working face to face with one. And some clients even prefer to work with a coach strictly by email.

Finally, clients can purchase coaching materials or download training materials from coaches and from coaching schools all over the world.

Advantages for Coaches

Life coaching online also has advantages for coaches. Besides the convenience of being able to coach from their home or office, it allows them to easily schedule coaching sessions that meet the needs of their clients as well as their own needs.

Using Facebook, Twitter, email, Skype, and faxes, they can follow up on coaching sessions and quickly send materials to their clients. They can also check in with clients between sessions to answer questions or to see how they are doing.

Today, coaching of all kinds is done online. Business coaching, career coaching, weight loss coaching, and spiritual life coaching are but a few of them.

To learn how areas of coaching differ from one another, take a look at life coaching.

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