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Change how you feel by adding new words to your list of emotions

Most of us have a limited number of words we would put on a list of emotions when we look for ways to describe our feelings or the feelings of others.

Our emotions tend to be either-or. We are either up or down, happy or sad, angry or peaceful. We don’t use too many words to identify feelings that might lie somewhere between the two extremes.

Language influences feelings

Yet the word or words you use to identify your emotions actually have an effect on how you feel, how you behave, and what kind of life you create for yourself. You feel differently when you tell yourself you are depressed than you do when you say you feel disappointed.

And when you believe you are depressed, you tend to behave like a depressed person. You spend more time by yourself. You sleep more. You think more negative thoughts than positive ones. You let your personal appearance slide. You lose your appetite for foods you normally enjoy. And you have little or no desire to move out of feeling depressed.

You don’t behave this way when you say you feel disappointed. You don’t allow the feeling of disappointment to completely take over your life. You don’t lose your appetite for your favorite foods or stop looking after your personal appearance. You stay in contact with friends and engage in activities you enjoy. You keep your feelings of disappointment in perspective and you move on.

This is why knowing how to skillfully use words and the power of language to create a better life for yourself is important, especially when events slam into your life that you didn’t expect.

Only some of the words below identify a distinct human emotion. Most of them refer to different levels of intensity of feeling. For example, “furious” and “annoyed” are words that point to different degrees of “anger,” an emotion most people would agree is experienced by all human beings at some time.

Others refer to “states” we sometimes claim to be in. We say we are in a state of "confusion" or of "panic" or of "consternation."

List of Emotions

The list below is not a list of basic emotions. However, it does include many of them as well as hundreds of common words we use to refer to how we are feeling.

Afraid Amazed Anger Angry Annoyed
Anxious Ashamed Astonished Bewildered Curious
Dejected Delighted Disgusted Down Estatic
Elated Embarrassed Enamored Enraged Fascinated
Furious Happy Hate Humiliated Incredulous
Indecisive Irritated Joyful Love Low
Nervous Overjoyed Panicky Peeved Pleased
Sad Scared Shame Shocked Sorrow
Stunned Surpised

It could be argued that words such as “pleased” or “humiliated” are not human emotions at all. However, sometimes we say we felt “pleased” with our effort or “humiliated” because of the way an event turned out, so those words and many others that describe how we feel at times are included on the list.

Here are more often used words to add to the list of emotions.

Accepted....... Acknowledged... Adored......... Adoring........ Affronted......
Aggravated Aggressive Aggrieved Aghast Agitated
Alarmed Alert Alive Aloof Ambitious
Angry Anguished Anxiety Apathetic Apologetic
Appalled Appreciative Apprehensive Aroused Arrogant
Assertive Attached Attacked Attractive Awful
Baffled Balanced Bashful Beat Beautiful
Befuddled Beleaguered Bemused Betrayed Bewitched
Bitter Blissed out Blue Bored Breezy
Bubbly Buoyant Burdened Bushed Calm
Capable Captivated Cared for Carefree Caring
Cautious Celebratory Centered Charmed Cheated
Cheerful Cheesed (off) Cherished Childish Childlike
Clever Cold Comfortable Communicative Compassionate
Compelled Competent Conceited Concerned Condemned
Confident Confrontational Confronted Confused Connected
Consumed Contemplative Contemptuous Contented Contrary
Controlling Crabby Cranky Crappy Creative
Creeped out Creepy Critical Cross Crushed
Cunning Cynical Daring Dazed Defeated
Defensive Degraded Delirious Dependable Depressed
Desirable Desired Desirous Desolate Despairing
Desperate Despondent Detached Determined Devastated
Disappointed Disengaged Disgrunteled Disjointed Dismayed
Dismissive Disrespected Distant Distraught Distressed
Disturbed Dominated Drained Dynamic Eager
Edgy Effective Elated Electric Eloquent
Emboldened Empathic Empowered Energetic Energized
Enervated Engaged Enlightened Enlivened Enthusiastic
Envious Euphoric Exasperated Excited Eshausted
Exhilarated Expectant Expressive Exuberant Fantastic
Fearful Fearless Feeble Feverish Flat
Flippant Flirtatious Flustered Foolish Forceful
Forgiving Frantic Fretful Fried Frightened
Frosty Frustrated Fuming Funny Furtive
Generous Giving Glad Glum Good
Grateful Great Greedy Gregarious Grief-stricken
Gruff Grumpy Guilty Heartless Helpful
Helpless High Hopeful Hopeless Horny
Horrible Horrified Hostile Humble Hurt
Hysterical Icy Ignored Impatient Impotent
Incapable Incensed Included Incompetent Indifferent
Indignant Inept Infatuated Infuriated Inquisitive
Insatiable Insecure Insulted Intense Intimidated
Intrigued Irascible Irate Irked irrelevant
Irreverent Irritable Isolated Jealous Jovial
joyous jubilant judgmental Jumpy Kind
Languid Lazy Left-out Lethargic Light-headed
Listless Livid Lonely Lost Loving
Lustful Mad Manic Maudlin Mean
Melancholy Miserable Mixed-up Morbid Morose
Mortified Muddled Nasty Negative Nostalgic
Numb Obsessive Offended Okay On-edge
Open Optimistic Outraged Overlooked Overwhelmed
Overwrought Paranoid Passionate Passive Peaceful
Pensive Perplexed Persecuted Perturbed Pessimistic
Petulant Philosophical Phony Picky Pissed
Pooped Positive Powerful Powerless Pressured
Pretentious Prophetic Protective Proud Pumped
Pushy Put-down Put-out Rage Rambunctious
Raped Recognized Reflective Rejected Relaxed
Relevant Relieved Remorseful Resentful Reserved
Resigned Resilient Resistant Reticent Reverent
Romantic Ruthless Sarcastic Sated Satisfied
Savage Scornful Seething Self-pitying Sensitive
Sensual Sentimental Serene Servile Sexy
Shaken Shifty Shook-up Short-tempered Shut-out
Shy Sincere Skeptical Slighted Sly
Sociable Solemn Sorrowful Soulful Spent
Spirited Spiteful Still Strong Stubborn
Stupid Sturdy Stymied Subdued Submissive
Sunny Superior Suspicious Sweet Sympathetic
Tapped-out Tempermental Tense Terrible Thrilled
Tickled Timid Tired Tolerable Touchy
Trapped Troubled Trusted Trusting Twitchy
Unappreciated Unclear Undecided Underwhelmed Unqualified
Unsociable Unsure Up-beat Up Upset
Uptight Vague Vengeful Vicious Violated
Violent Vulnerable Warm Wary Washed-up
Weak Weary Weepy Weird Whipped
Wistful Wonderful Worried Wrathful Zealous
Zip Zoonked

How about your vocabulary? How broad is your list of emotions? You may want to expand it to help you pinpoint your feelings and to speak about them accurately.

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