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If you are looking for an Ottawa life coach, this is the place to start.

All of us want to live a life that counts. We want to spend more of our days enjoying our life and fewer hours reacting to or worrying about what goes on around us.

We want to have strong relationships and get better results at home and at work. And we want to find a way to get out of the ruts in which we habitually get stuck, and stay out of them.


I help you focus on what it is that you want to change, then support you in becoming competent in making it happen. I design strategies with you to help you reach goals you may not realize are available to you.

How do I do this? Primarily through conversations that help you identify what it is that you want to change, plus assignments that keep you on track. Then I keep you focused on doing what you have agreed to do, in order to get the results you want.


What can you expect from these conversations? Obviously, results are different for each individual, but in general these are some of the common outcomes you can expect:

  • Developing greater confidence in your ability to design your future
  • Becoming more aware of what is going on around you and knowing how to respond to people and to situations in ways that serve your best interests
  • Getting things done that are important to you
  • Developing healthy relationships at home and in the workplace
  • Mastering skills you can use to design your future once coaching is completed


  • I ask clients to “check me out.” I encourage anyone who is interested in working with me as a coach to “check me out” before deciding to become a regular client, so, I schedule a free initial interview with every new client. This interview will last for an hour or so.
  • We talk about your situation. We discuss what it is that brings you to coaching and what you hope to get from it. At the end we’ll decide whether coaching is something that would benefit you now and if we want to work together.
  • I ask for a contract. If we decide to work together, I ask for a coaching contract for a minimum of 6 coaching sessions spread over 3 months. If you think my proposal is acceptable, we will work out a schedule and identify what we will accomplish.
  • I offer you a way out. If at any time during the 3 month period you decide you no longer wish to continue with my coaching, you may cancel the contract without penalty with Ottawa Life Coach at any time, for any reason.


  • I focus on your future. We will talk about what you want to talk about and what you want to happen. We will set specific goals that you can reach and identifiable markers that show you when you have reached them.
  • I ask a lot of questions. New insights uncover new options which create new results. I ask questions to help you look at your situation from a perspective unlike the one you now use. When you do, you will often see something to help you move forward that your current perspective doesn’t allow.
  • I put you to work. Change comes through action, not through talk. After each coaching session I will give you specific assignments designed to help you move in the direction of goals you agreed would bring about the changes in your life you want.
  • I hold you accountable. Each session will include a review of your last assignment: what you did or didn’t do; what results you produced, and what you learned, especially about yourself.

If you have any questions, or wish to schedule an initial interview, please click below on "Contact Us" and I will get back to you promptly.

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