Promote Life Coaching Practice:
Easier Said Than Done, Or Is It?

Promote life coaching practice by using a site building program that works

Every day millions of people looking for information enter specific words or phrases into search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The search engines send out “spiders” over the internet looking for websites with the desired information. When spiders find these sites, they alert the search engines which then list onscreen the websites that contain the requested information.

Information seekers or visitors go to those websites to see if what they were looking for is there. If it is, they stay on those sites. If it isn’t, they quickly move on to another website.

The key to running a successful internet business is getting lots of information seekers to land on your website. And the way you get lots of them is by having the information they are looking for.

Not bells, not whistles, not snazzy pictures or cute animated characters. Information!

What does this have to do with Promote Life Coaching Practice?

Most websites fail to attract lots of visitors because they do not contain the information that visitors are actually looking for. That's why search engines never rank these sites at the top of their lists.

I salted this page with the phrase “promote life coaching practice” because the site building program I am using told me several hundred people all over the planet enter it into their computers every month. (I suspect that almost all of them are life coaches who are looking for ways to promote their life coaching practice.)

It also told me that many of those coaches would land on this page if I built a page with that exact phrase – promote life coaching practice – and placed it in the right places.

Moreover, it told me that if I edited the phrase so that it became “how to promote your life coaching business,” or “learn a new way to market your life coaching business,” the search engines wouldn’t find it.

Why? Because that is not what coaches are entering into the search engines. They are entering "promote life coaching practice." So, I wrote it their way, not my way. In fact, I wrote it your way.

Finally, it told me that once visitors landed on this page, they might want to learn more about the program I am using and how they too could use it to promote their own life coaching practices

What relevance does this have for coaches?

Today there are more than 60 million websites, but only a relatively small number of them get any serious traffic. Most of the others operate like electronic business cards.

If you give someone your business card, they know who you are and will call you if they need you. But anyone who does not have your card or who hasn’t heard about you ever goes looking for you. They don’t know you exist.

The same applies for most websites. Only customers or clients who already know about a website deliberately go to it. Those who don’t know about it land on it by chance, not by intent. This is especially true for small businesses that are selling their services, such as coaches.

What this means is if you want to promote your life coaching business online, learn how to build your pages in such a way that they will bring visitors to your website and not to other websites.

Learn how to fill your pages with the information that visitors are actually looking for, like “promote life coaching business,” rather than with the information you think they are looking for, such as “learn how to grow a great coaching business in 30 days.”

How can you start to promote life coaching practice this way?

The program I used to build this page and this website is called SiteBuild It. It will show you how to build a website that will absolutely, positively bring you lots of traffic if you follow its step-by–step process and don’t deviate from it.

This program is no get-rich-quick scheme. It tells you at the outset that building a successful online business takes work and time, as does any business. What it promises is that if you want to develop a profitable online business site, and if you are willing to follow its proven process, you will get targeted traffic to your website.

Here is another promise from SiteBuild It that you can absolutely take to the bank. You can order it on line, use if for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it and get your money back. Every dime. Guaranteed!

Would you like to get the best product on the market to promote your life coaching practice? Take a look at what SiteBuild Itl has to offer.

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